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A Miami Booze cruise can be a fun experience- sun, sea, and sipping on your favorite drink while cruising along the water.

Happening and enjoyable, right?

But, just like you do with any other kind of travel, it is also important to prioritize safety!

Whether you’re on a party boat or a sunset cruise, following some safety tips can ensure that your Miami booze cruise experience remains enjoyable and incident-free.

Let’s have a look at some of those tips curated by the Miami Turn Up Entertainment team.

Booze Cruise Safety Tips

1. Don’t go overdo with alcohol

This is one of the most crucial steps in staying safe on a booze cruise, i.e., knowing your alcohol limits. It’s pretty much obvious to get overwhelmed with the excitement and drinks availability, but try not to overdo it and avoid excessive drinking.

You must know how to say “No” to another drink and be mindful of how alcohol affects your body.

Pro Tip: Don’t drink alcohol empty stomach, as it will make you more prone to get drunk quickly.

2. Watch your step

Be careful when walking around the boat, especially if you’ve been drinking. The floors can get slippery, so wear shoes and slippers with a good grip to avoid slipping and falling. It’s easy to lose balance, so take it slow and steady to stay safe.

3. Keep your belongings safe

Don’t forget about the belongings when you caught up in fun. Keep your phone, wallet, and other valuable things in a secure place where they won’t get lost or stolen.

If you’re carrying a bag or purse, keep it close to you and zipped up. Don’t leave your things unattended, especially if you’re in a crowded or busy area of the boat. By staying a bit cautious, you can prevent any mishaps and enjoy your booze cruise trip worry-free.

Make sure to keep a copy of all important documents, such as your passport, in case you lose it.

4. Make new friends

If you are already enjoying the trip with your friends, then it’s good to go. But if you are travelling solo, make one or two friends. Solo cruising does not mean you will do everything alone; find someone who matches your vibe and hang out with them.

(PS: It’s just a suggestion, and if you want to enjoy solo, do what your heart wants!)

5. Use the balcony cabin safely

Who does not adore balcony cabins? Of course! Everybody does! That serene feeling of hearing the gentle splash of the ocean and that fresh salty breeze has a totally different vibe.

Now, let’s talk safety! Always double-check the balcony door to ensure it’s securely locked. And when you leave your cabin, take a moment to inspect the balcony and latch the door.

It’s sad but true that accidents happen due to carelessness, so by staying aware and mindful, we can do our part to prevent any more unfortunate incidents.

6. Don’t carry big amounts of cash

Carrying large amounts of cash onboard isn’t really necessary unless you’re hitting the casino tables. Most transactions on the ship are handled with a special card. If you do have cash, it’s best to keep it in your cabin safe or use it to gradually add money to your card.

The most important part, when exploring ports, only take the cash you need and avoid drawing attention to it.

7. Be mindful of what you eat

It’s important to pay attention to what you’re eating, especially on a cruise where there’s often an abundance of delicious food. With so many tempting dining options available, it’s easy to overindulge.

Be conscious of your portion sizes, and try to balance the meals with fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. If you have specific dietary preferences, contact the cruise line’s website or talk to a representative ahead of your trip.

8. Understand the safety drills

Safety drills on a cruise ship are like practice sessions for emergencies. Here, you get to learn various things, like:

➔ Where the life jackets are,
➔ Evacuation procedures for the ship,
➔ What do alarms mean, and
➔ What to do during certain emergencies.

So, when the crew announces a safety drill, make sure to pay attention and participate—it’s for your own safety and peace of mind.

9. Avoid sneaking around dark corners at night

Dark areas can be risky, especially at night when visibility is limited. So, it’s better to avoid roaming around such dark corners in the night. If you need to get around the ship at night, use the main thoroughfares and stay visible. This way, you can avoid accidents, respect others’ privacy, and stay safe during your cruise trip.

10. Maintain personal health and hygiene

It’s important to take care of your health and hygiene while on a cruise. Here’s how.

➔ Wash your hands frequently and practice good hygiene to reduce the risk of getting sick.
➔ Use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.
➔ Stay hydrated by drinking a sufficient amount of water the whole day.
➔ Get enough rest to support your immune system and overall well-being.

Plan Your Miami Booze Cruise Trip With Miami Turn Up Entertainment

Explore the vibrancy of Miami city with an unforgettable Booze Cruise experience brought to you by Miami Turn Up Entertainment! Since 2007, we have been providing the best Miami Booze Cruise packages.

Our Miami Booze Cruise Amenities

● 3 Hour Miami party boat cruise
● 3 Hours of unlimited mixed drinks on board
● Live DJ playing
● Complementary light snacks
● Dance competition
● Views of Downtown Miami & Biscayne Bay

Check out our website for more info and to secure your spot. So, round up your crew, grab your tickets, and make some memories!


To sum up, when you’re out enjoying a Booze Cruise, safety is just as important as having fun. By following the easy tips we’ve discussed, you can make sure your cruise is a blast and memorable one without any worries.

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