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Miami Boat Party FAQ's

Welcome to our Miami Boat Party frequently asked questions page.

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If there is some thing we did not cover please feel free to reach out to us and an experienced team member would be happy to assist you. We can be contacted at 305-923-6589, by email or by using our convenient website chat option.

Support is available between the hours of 10 AM and 9 PM seven days a week 365 days a year.

How much is the Miami Boat Party package?

Boat Party package pricing is dependent on the particular package you reserve for. On each package page you will find a detailed package description including the total package price, price to reserve and the balance due at the check in location.
All prices are per person and mandatory tax is added to the reservation deposit and the balance due.

Package pricing may be slightly higher for holiday weekends. In the event of any change in the package price this will be presented on the package page.

Miami Booze Cruise, Miami Day Boat Party & Encore Boat Party What's the difference?

The Miami booze cruise package includes the following:

Unlimited mixed drinks on board the boat, light snacks and a live on board DJ. For the booze cruise package only guests are welcome to bring their own food or drinks if they wish however no glass containers are permitted on board the boat.

The encore boat party & Miami day boat party include the following:

Unlimited mixed drinks on board the boat and there is a live DJ. Snacks are not included. Any snacks, shots or top shelf drinks sold on board are not included in the ticket price. For the encore and day boat party outside food or drinks is not permitted.

How old do you have to be?

All guests must be 21 years of age or older and possess a valid government issued identification such as a drivers license, identification card or passport. Exceptions will not be made for anyone under the age of 21.

Where is the check in location?

All of the check-in locations are located in the downtown Miami vicinity. The particular location is dependent on which package, date and check in time you place a reservation for. After placing a reservation our system will automatically send a detailed itinerary to the email address you provided during the booking process which will specify the meeting location for the package, date and check in time your reservation is for. For numbers within the United States a text message will be sent to the number provided during the booking process which will contain a link to the customer portal. Our system also sends out a reminder confirmation text message link to 24 hours prior to your scheduled check and start time.

How do we reserve?

  • Select a date on our reservations calendar
  • Select a check in start time
  • Enter the quantity of tickets (Each ticket you select is a deposit per person to reserve)
  • Enter your contact details
  • Enter your billing details

After completing the steps mentioned a detailed itinerary will be sent to you in the form of an email and *text message link. You will also receive an email receipt for your credit card/debit card transaction. Our system will also send out a reminder confirmation 24 hours prior to your check in start time.

*Text message link confirmations can only be sent to numbers within the United States. For numbers outside of the United States itinerary information will be sent via email. Standard messaging rates may apply.

Do you provide transportation to or from the Marina?

We do not provide transportation. We strongly encourage guests to use rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft. This is the most dependable form of transportation in the downtown Miami metro area and guests will not have to search for parking upon arrival.

What dates & times are available?

Our package pages have the reservations calendars enabled directly on the package page below the package pricing.

You may also select the book now button on the package page to be directed to our safe and secure reservation system where you can check real time availability. Please keep in mind availability changes rapidly and availability can change at any time.

After selecting an available date you can view check in start times on the bottom of the screen.

Is there a dress code for the Miami Boat Party?

A commonly asked question is what to wear to a Miami Boat Party.
There is no dress code. Guests are welcome to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Although the boats do not stop for guests to swim most guests wear a beach attire such as bathing suits, shorts etc. All of our boat parties are relaxed environments.

Are we allowed to bring food or drinks on board the boat?

This is dependent on which package you reserve for. For the Miami booze cruise package only guests are welcome to bring their own food or drinks if they wish however no glass containers are permitted. For the Encore and Miami Day Boat Party outside food or drinks are not permitted.

Can we bring bags on the boat?

Yes, guests may bring bags or backpacks on board the boat. Guests are solely responsible for their personal items. We are not responsible for any property loss or damage guests may incur.
Under US Coast Guard department of homeland security 33CFR 104.25, boarding any vessel is deemed valid consent to screening or inspection of persons, personal effects and any carry on items.

Can we smoke on the party boat?

Yes, smoking is permitted however illegal drugs are not.

Can we swim or get off the boat?

No. During the three hour duration guests are not allowed to get off of the boat. Due to safety protocol swimming or jumping off of the boat is not permitted.

How long is the boat party?

All of our boat parties are three hours long. The times on our reservations calendar are the check in start times. For the Booze Cruise package the check in is an hour and a half long followed by the three hour boat party. For the Encore and Miami Day Boat Party the check in is one hour long followed by the three hour boat party. The times on our reservations calendar always reflect the check in start times. The check in start time is the time guests must arrive.

Does the boat go out if it rains?

Yes, this is a rain or shine event
All boats have cover or are partially covered.
In South Florida short thunderstorms are typical however it rarely rains for a long period of time. If it rains the boat will still set sail as all of the boat parties are rain or shine events. In the rare case conditions are too dangerous for the boat to go out as standard practice all guests will be notified.

Is there a bathroom on the boat?

Yes, all Party boats are equipped with marine bathrooms.

How far in advance should we book?

Don’t delay!¬†Availability changes rapidly and the boat parties are normally sold out on a weekly basis. We recommend reserving as far in advance as possible.
For large groups we recommend placing one reservation for all party members rather than individual/small group reservations. This will ensure all party members will be on the same boat before a time slot sells out. Once a time slot or date is sold out further reservations cannot be added even if some party members have already reserved.

Will it be just our party on the boat?

No, all boat parties are not private rentals. The boat and services mentioned are shared with other party goers. The party boats are not available for private rentals.

How many people does the boat hold?

Typically the boats used hold (approximately) 100 guests. All boats have maximum occupancy ratings which are set by the United States Coast Guard and cannot be exceeded at any time.

Does the boat have lifejackets?

Yes, all boats used are United States Coast Guard approved and inspected. In order to pass safety inspections all boats must be equipped with enough lifejackets on board for each and every passenger.

Does the boat go out in the ocean?

No, all party boats stay within the calm waters of Biscayne Bay. This insures a smooth ride for all passengers. The bay weather tends to be less choppy.

Is there seating on the boat?

Yes, there is seating on the boat however we cannot guarantee seating.

Do you provide anything for a celebration or large group?

For groups of 7 or more guests it is recommended to contact us via text message at 305-923-6589 before placing a reservation for details. Restrictions apply. Offer only valid for new reservations, not valid for pre-existing reservations.

Why should we reserve with you?

Great question!
We are one of the longest operational party package service companies in Miami. We have been providing party packages for over 10 years and have serviced tens of thousands of customers.

When reserving any party package we recommend reserving with a legitimate company. Please take note on the lack of information presented similar websites. This lack of information means they are more concerned with making a sale not informing the customer. We are sure to include a detailed package description so our customers have all the information needed prior to reserving.
We do not recommend purchasing tickets for any event off of the streets in South Beach & Ocean Drive. Often times these “street promoters” are portraying themselves as legitimate however promise more than they can deliver, have no website, no legal company name or the proper Federal tax ID credentials to except credit cards, debit cards or use a personalized booking system.
Our payment processor and booking system can only be used by legal companies that possess a valid tax identification number.

We do not sell tickets on Eventbright. In fact Eventbrite does not require organizers to provide any documents such as business letters of organization or tax ID credentials meaning anyone can post events.
If you have purchased tickets from Eventbrite we are unable to assist you in anyway.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us. Support is available between the hours of 10 AM and 9 PM seven days a week 365 days a year. We can be contacted via text at 305-923-6589, by email or by using our convenient website chat option.

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