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Miami Turn Up Entertainment Terms of Service

Terms of Service: Miami Boat Party Packages

Listed below is our terms of service. By placing a reservation on our website or using our service all guests agree that they have read and agreed to the terms as stated. Because we believe in transparency our terms are outlined on this page for guests to view prior to placing a reservation.

Age Requirement

All guests must be 21 years of age or older and possess a valid Government issued photo identification. Exceptions will not be made under any circumstance. Guests must possess a physical photo identification card. We receive an overwhelming number of inquiries each week from customers stating they have “lost their identification” The guest is solely responsible to be able to provide valid identification. We are not responsible for guests who miss place or lose their identification. Refunds will not be issued if the customer cannot positively identify themselves.

Reservation Modification

Boats have maximum occupancy limitations which are set by the Coast Guard therefore it is extremely important for us to keep strict attendance. Any modification to a pre-existing reservation such as a request to change the date or check in start time will incur a $30 charge plus tax. This charge applies to the booking as a whole and not per person. Reservation modification fees will be charged directly to the original payment method used when placing the pre-existing reservation only with prior consent of the card holder at which time our system will send a receipt for the transaction.


All activities involve risk. All guests and participating party members are voluntarily engaging in this service. Miami Turn Up Entertainment LLC is not responsible for any property loss, injury, bodily harm, accident or any other occurrence guests may incur while using this service. By participating any of our services all guests agree to not hold Miami Turn Up Entertainment LLC accountable under any litigation. The ticket holder and all participating party members agree not to hold anyone responsible under any litigation such as a promoter, participants, owners, managers or renters of premises or property used to conduct the event they are voluntarily engaging in. Agreeing to our terms of service constitutes a legal signature, confirming the guest, and all participating party members have read, acknowledged, and agree to these terms.


By placing a reservation on our website and agreeing to our terms of service all guests agree to receive text message communication, even if they opted out to receive text message itineraries during the checkout. When a guest declines to receive text message notifications during the booking process they will not receive our customer portal text message link however, our scheduling host will always reach out via text to confirm the customer and participating party members will be present for their reservation. Boats have federal occupancy limitations and strict attendance is very important. Text message communication is a very important part of this service to ensure accurate attendance.

Cancellation Policy

All guests reserve the right to cancel their reservation at any time for any reason however the reservation deposit is nonrefundable. We are not responsible if guests plans change. Guests will have the option to reschedule their reservation only once. In the event of a canceled reservation the deposit is non refundable however guests are not responsible for paying the balance that is due at the dock on the reservation date. The only transactions that are made on a customers card are those initiated by the customer themselves when placing the reservation deposit. We do not charge the balance due to a customers card in the event of a canceled reservation however the deposit portion is nonrefundable.

Weather Conditions

This is a “RAIN OR SHINE EVENT” If it rains the boat will still set sail. Short thunderstorms are typical in south Florida. In the rare case that the weather conditions are too dangerous for the boat to set sail all reservations will be notified of any changes. If the boat is officially canceled by the organizers refunds will not be issued, however guests will have the option to reschedule for the following date (If available) If spaces are not available or a guest will not be in town, guests only have the option to reschedule for a later date. Only if the boat is officially canceled will guests have the option to reschedule. If the boat sets sail and guests are a no-show reservation the option to reschedule is not void. Because we do not issue physical vouchers if the boat is officially canceled all reservations will have a notation made on them regarding credit to be used at a later date. To reschedule guests would have to contact us prior to a planned trip. We would then provide an available schedule for the desired date (granted it is available) only the deposit portion can be used for the deposit and cannot be used to pay the balance due in the event a guest reschedules for less people than originally reserved for. For the safety of the boat crew and guests due to mechanical problems or weather conditions the organizers reserve the right to set the itinerary, change the check in time or cancel the event.

Fraudulent Use Of Tickets

Miami Turn up Entertainment is not responsible for fraudulent use of our tickets or ticketing system. When placing a reservation our system generates an encrypted reservation number. Counterfeiting of our tickets is a punishable offense and would avoid any entrance to our event. The organizers reserves the right to deny anyone service at any time for any reason. Do not buy tickets from anyone that posts a comment on social media claiming to have tickets at a discounted rate. This is fraud and we will not be responsible for tickets or transactions made elsewhere other than this official website.

Independent Booking Agent Notice

Miami Turn Up Entertainment LLC is a independent booking agent for the boat party. When a reservation is placed with us we guarantee all party members spots on the boat. We do not own the boat, operate, set the schedule or provide the boat party service.

Balance Due

All packages have a balance due at the check in location. Our package pricing is always clearly presented on each package page. We do not take payments in full. As specified on the package page there is a reservation deposit due at the time of placing the reservation, and the balance is paid at the check in location on the reservation date. All balances due must be paid in cash. Mandatory tax is added to the reservation deposit as well as the balance due at the dock on the reservation date.


All boat party packages include unlimited mixed drinks for the three hour duration. Top shelf or premium liquor is not included and is never otherwise implied. The boat party packages include unlimited basic mixed drinks only. Shots, Beer or Wine is not included for any of the packages. For the Miami booze cruise only guests are welcome to bring their own drinks on board however no glass containers are permitted. For both the Miami day and Encore boat party outside food or drinks are not permitted. Top shelf/premium drinks I’m bored the boat for the day boats and encore boat are available for purchase on board and are not included in the package price.


All guests are required to sign our terms and conditions in order to complete the booking process. By using our site or placing a reservation all guests agree to these terms. Guests agree to these terms and conditions voluntarily and are under no circumstance required to complete a purchase. All reservation deposits are nonrefundable or transferable for any reason and will not be negotiated under any circumstance. Deposits are nonrefundable for canceled reservations, no-show reservations, cancellations due to weather, mechanical issues, flight cancellations, flight delays, trip cancellations, postponed trips, family emergencies, illnesses, government mandates, shut downs or if guests plans change. The reservation deposit is nonrefundable for canceled bookings regardless of how far in advance they are canceled. Deposits are nonrefundable for missing party members and cannot be used towards the balance due. Last minute arrival to the check and location may result in your spots being resold to standby reservations. If your spots are resold to standby reservations because of a late or last-minute arrival you will not be refunded. Refunds will not be issued in the event a guest is denied service due to intoxication.


We provide party “boat packages” or “boat party packages”. The boats used for the party packages are not yachts, luxury yachts or luxury boats and are never otherwise described. The term “boat party” or a “party boat” will be used to describe the services offered on the package pages. Because we believe in transparency when available photos or videos containing clips of the actual boat used for the service will be included on the package pages for guests to view prior to placing a reservation. Due to federal occupancy limitations yachts cannot be used for party packages as private yacht rentals have maximum occupancy limitations of 12 guests, therefore party boats are used.


All check-in start times are subject to change. Our reservations calendar is updated in real time. Although we make a calculated effort for all boats to go out as scheduled a trip may not have enough guests for the boat to set sail on a particular date or check in time. Although a date or time slot shows availability on our reservations calendar the schedule may be updated at any time due to insufficient reservations. In this rare case the start time will be subject to change or the boat may be rescheduled for the following day. Refunds will not be issued even if the trip is rescheduled. In the event guests are not able to reschedule a credit for a later date will be issued. If there are any changes to your pre-existing reservation all guests will be notified as standard protocol.

Say Cheese. Photo & Video consent


  1. PARTICIPATION. Ticket holders of any party boat package products and services, Participants agrees to participate, in certain photographs, video recordings, audio recordings, and/or other means of recording images and/or sound as arranged by Miami Turn Up Entertainment LLC (the “Recordings”). The Participant agrees that the Company (or its designee) has permission to record his/her voice, sounds, conversation, image, and likeness in the Recordings. These recordings such as photos videos or images are subject to use on social media, websites, radio, Internet, tv or any advertisement.
  2. GRANTS. The Participant hereby grants to the Company, its affiliates, agents, successors, licensees, and assigns (collectively with Company, the “Company Affiliates”) a perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully paid-up right and license to the unlimited use of his/her likeness and/or voice in the Recordings (alone or in connection with others and in connection with any media, now known or hereafter created) throughout the universe in and in connection with or relation to the development, marketing, advertisement, licensing, sale, distribution, and promotion of any events, products, merchandise, services, or brands of the Company Affiliates. The Company Affiliates shall have all right, title, and interest to any other right, title, or interest The Participant may possess in the Recordings including, but not limited to, The Participant’s likeness, voice, copyrights, persona, character, image, characterization, logos, slogans, catch phrases, art, and physical attributes including, but not limited to, body art and tattoos (collectively, the “Likeness”). The Recordings are specially ordered and commissioned by the Company, and are works-made-for-hire from the moment of creation, and are and shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Company. The Company shall be the sole and exclusive owner of all the rights, results, and proceeds of the Recordings, in each case, of every kind or nature, whether now known or hereafter devised. Without reservation or limitation. The Participant hereby sells, assigns, transfers, and conveys the Recordings to the Company, exclusively, irrevocably, and perpetually, together with all right, title, and interest in and to the Recordings throughout the world including, without limitation, the right to enforce its right in and to secure registrations, renewals, reissues, and extensions thereof. The Participant agrees that the Company Affiliates shall have the right to transform, edit, alter, distort, modify, add to, subtract from, enhance, broadcast, telecast, Release and Authorization to Record and Use Voice and/or Likeness to duplicate, distribute, or otherwise exhibit the Likeness worldwide in all forms of media and forms of exploitation, now known or hereafter created including, but not limited to, websites, film, television, social media, radio, and print. The Participant agrees it will have no right to approve any use of the Likeness in the Recordings or otherwise. The Participant agrees that no third party has or shall have any right of approval over the use of the Likeness or will be due any amounts from the use of the Likeness.



Miami Turn Up Entertainment terms of service last updated 4/23/2017

If you have any questions please visit our frequently asked questions page. Alternatively we can be contacted at 305-923-6589, by email or our convenient website chat option. A knowledgeable team member would be happy to assist you.