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Miami is the #1 destination to through a birthday yacht party. Miami is popular for its never ending palm trees,, squeaky-clean beaches, amazing weather and most importantly yacht parties and outdoor activities.

Miami boat parties are worth investing in terms of reliability, pricing, and night parties. Yet, planning a party is always a challenging task especially when it comes to organizing a birthday yacht party in Miami.

If this is your first time organizing a birthday party and you don’t know where to start, then no worries. We are here to guide you on how to throw a grand Miami boat party for your birthday in 2023. So, keep on reading to learn more –

1. Choose The Right Location

Finding the perfect location in Miami is no challenge, yet choosing the perfect one is a must. Make sure to pick a spot that offers your guests an unforgettable mesmerizing view under great weather.

Pay close attention to the weather of your preferred destination, as Miami is known for its unpredictable weather. Hurricane season is from June to November yearly. during hurricane season in South Florida sees afternoon thunderstorms almost daily.

December until mid June is the driest season of the year with milder temperatures. Places such as Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami are great spots that offer typical South Florida sunny weather along with dynamic and diverse marine views to their visitors.

2. Decide Who and How Many Guests To Invite

After deciding on the place, the next step is to determine who and how many guests you would like to invite. While curating your guest list, decide what people can add value to your party. Avoid adding troublemakers so all your guests can enjoy the party without any hitch. Also, make sure to figure out the number of guests you are planning to invite.

An estimated number of guests will help you decide whether you should book a small or big boat for hosting the boat party in Miami.

Generally, Miami Party Boats offer a minimum occupancy limit of 100 guests. Private yacht rentals would require you and your party to purchase a minimum number of tickets. With our Miami Yacht Party you may purchase the number of tickets for the number of people you wish to reserve for as the boat will be shared with other party goers and not a private rental. there is no need for large deposits and all amenities are included. Reserve with only $29 down per person and pay the balance upon arrival to the check in location on the reservation date.

3. Check, Choose and Accommodate Accordingly

After creating the guest list, the next thing to do is choose the type of boat you need to host your Miami birthday bash. Depending on the number of your guests you can book a small or big luxurious party yacht.

In Miami, you may find a variety of Party Boats, yachts, and party cruises that generally ranges from 10 to over 50 meters in length with an accommodation capacity of anywhere between 80 and 120 guests.

Once done deciding the type of boat the next you can do is reserve seats for the guests. We at Miami Turn Up Entertainment offer flexible have booking choices. Our Miami party boats are a great cost effective solution for guests looking to get out on the water without renting a private yacht charter.

All you need to do is select an available date and check in time from our reservations calendar. Next pay only $29 per person as a reservation deposit to secure your spot and the the $80 balance once reaching the dock on your reservation date.

4. Don’t Forget the Necessary Supplies and Essentials

Guide To Throw A Epic Yacht Party Your Birthday

Nobody throws a epic Miami Booze Cruise Party without offering food essentials. Thus, always carry the necessary supplies and essentials for the party. You can include the list of items such as plates, napkins, and most importantly, beverages & snacks.

Our Miami party boat includes all essentials on board. Our all inclusive party boats include unlimited alcoholic mixed drinks and juices. Our Yacht Party packages also include light snacks on board the boat for the three hour duration. Depending on the package you reserve for you may also bring your own drinks or food on board. For the Miami Booze Cruise only outside food or drinks are permitted however, we don’t allow glass containers on the boat.

5. Add DJ Music Fun

Music always brings life to a party. So adding DJ music fun is a must to add life to your Miami birthday party. You can consider hiring live performing singers and bands or DJs for the event. Also, selecting a party theme can help you choose the right music band or songs. It will ensure unstoppable party fun that will never stop.

When you take our Miami booze cruise package or encore boat party package you’ll get a free live DJ, playing all Trap & Latin hits along with hip-hop music.. Our guests can groove, move and twerk off vibing on the 3 hour all-inclusive party boat cruise.

6. Dress Code To Add More Fun

Want to make your Miami birthday yacht party unforgettable? How about adding a dress code theme to it? Nothing can make a party more fun than a dress code that matches the party theme. You can make your party casual and fun just by adding a dress code to it making the party more elegant and extravagant.

There are a lot of dress code themes you can choose from. If you want to make your party formal, then you can go with a combination of two or three colors. For a casual or informal party look you can choose a comfortable or smart-casual dress code.

A cocktail party theme and a semi-beach formal party look are also some great options to choose from. Remember, whatever dress code you decide make sure it will go primarily convenient for your guests. So, they can enjoy most of the party.

Another reason why a Luxury Yacht Charter is perfect for your family holiday is because of trained staff who serve their best to make your tour worth remembering. You will get the assistance at all times while you cruise through Crystal clear water of the South Florida coast. For any help you need on board, the crew members are alert at all times to ensure your vacation becomes a memorable one.

Book An Encore Miami Party Boat To Celebrate Your Birthday!

Throwing a birthday yacht party in Miami is not as easy as it sounds. Choosing a venue and making the best preparation wisely are the two most important factors that help in increasing your party’s success rate. Apart from this, it requires a lot of preparation, proper planning, and accommodation including security, food, space, and everything to make the party fun. Our boat Party Packages include drinks, food and entertainment. The boat is also equipped with multiple security guards for guest safety.

Many people face the same challenge in terms of finding the right party boat, food and space all in one place. But, with Miami Turn Up Entertainment not anymore.

Here throwing a birthday boat party in Miami is super easy and fun. We offer you endless enjoyment and all-inclusive amenities such as unlimited mixed drinks, a live DJ playing Latin and trap hits, complimentary snacks and much more!

So, give your 2023 birthday bash a blast with extra adventure and extra party fun. Reserve your seats today and make your birthday memorable for a lifetime.

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