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Planning a miami luxury charter trip? But before you start your trip, some rules and regulations must be followed to avoid any headaches in the middle of the sea.

Miami Turn Up Entertainment has curated this article covering all the Miami boating laws you must know to ensure your safety throughout the journey and prevent any unexpected issues from spoiling your luxury getaway.

Let’s begin!

Always Keep The Captain & Crew Informed

It’s very important to keep the crew informed about every activity during the miami luxury charter trip. They are the ones responsible for everyone’s safety, including yours and the other guests.

So, when you’re swimming, jet skiing, or other land adventures, make sure to tell the crew how many people are leaving the yacht.

And one more simple rule! Never wander too far away from the yacht. Stay close enough that the crew can easily spot you. That way, you won’t risk being left behind if the yacht moves on.

Miami Luxury Charter

Total Number of Passengers

According to the Federal US Coast Guard, charter yachts in the United States are restricted to a maximum of 13 passengers, including crew members. Regardless of the yacht’s size or the age of the passengers, more than 13 individuals are not allowed on board for charter purposes.

Luggage & Footwear Rules

On a luxury charter, you’ll need to follow certain rules about your footwear and luggage. Most yacht charters require guests to remove their shoes to protect the deck. But don’t worry! If you want to wear shoes, prefer the ones with soft soles as they won’t damage the deck.

Heavy street shoes or stilettos are strictly not allowed because they can scratch or dent the deck, floors, or carpets.

Talking about luggage, yacht charter staterooms are well-crafted, but they don’t have big storage space. So, it’s best to avoid hardshell luggage since it takes up too much room. Instead, take softshell luggage because it’s more flexible and can be folded away easily, making your trip smoother.

Illegal Activities

Bringing illegal substances, drug-related items, or prohibited items on your charter can lead to serious consequences. Also, could end up in trouble in federal or international waters where state laws don’t apply.

To avoid these, it’s best to stick to alcohol and legal party supplies while you’re out on the water, especially considering Florida boating regulations. However, it’s important not to overdo it with anything. If you are caught with any illegal substances, your captain has the authority to contact the Coast Guard and report any violations.

Safety Briefing

When starting the miami luxury charter trip, it’s essential to understand the safety briefings given by the crew carefully.

During these sessions,

  • The crew will introduce themselves
  • You will get a yacht tour
  • Places where you can find life jackets and lifeboats in case of an emergency
  • Explain what to do if anything goes wrong.

Taking these briefings seriously ensures that everyone, especially families with children or teenagers, can have a safe and enjoyable time on the yacht.

Miami Luxury Charter


To wrap it up, knowing the rules for Miami luxury charters is key for a great time out on the water. Whether it’s how many people can come along, what to wear, or what you can bring with you, being aware of these regulations keeps everyone safe and happy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the maximum passenger limits for luxury charters in Miami?

The maximum passenger limit for luxury charters is 13 passengers along with the crew member.

2. Is smoking allowed on the charter?

No! Smoking is entirely prohibited, but electronic cigarettes or vaping is allowed.

3. Can the passengers bring their own food and beverages?

Absolutely, yes! passengers are allowed to bring their own food and beverages to the charter.

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