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We are always in search of some fun and excitement in our lives to escape the daily hustle and bustle. Our true energy comes from being surrounded by people, whether they are our friends or family. Boat parties in Miami Are a great way of sharing happiness with others.

If you’re looking to throw a party in Miami, you can try one of our Miami boat parties where you can have a good time with all of your friends. There is no better time shared with friends or loved ones than being out on the water.

Planning a boat party is not as easy as other parties. You have to focus on every detail and you don’t need to worry about this because this blog will give you a roadmap to plan a perfect boat party in Miami.

Here 10 easy steps to plan a boat party in Miami

1. Budgeting is always first:

Setting a budget is essential for any of your plans, large or small. Follow these simple tips to set your budget for the boat party:

  • Decide the total amount you are willing to spend on your party.
  • Make a guest list
  • Divide your budget into the categories you want to spend in like venue, food, music, return gifts, decoration, planners etc.
  • Get all the rates from vendors you have planned to work with.
  • Match it with your predefined amount, and if it doesn’t match, try to extend your budget or adjust your expenses.

2. Decide when and where the party will be?

The following step is to decide where you want to hold the party. Well, there are plenty of beaches in Miami where you can easily get boat rentals. Make your guests comfortable with the location so they can arrive easily and on time.

If you are ready to celebrate any special occasion, then deciding on a date Will be a top priority. If it’s a random party, then try to plan your party on a date that best suits your schedule needs. Nighttime parties are ideal for intimate or couple gatherings, whereas daytime gatherings allow you to take in the scenery and never-ending sunshine.

3. Who will be your guests?

If you’ve already planned a budget, deciding on a number of guests for your boat party becomes much easier.

You can also consider the following points before deciding who to include on your guest list:

  • Figure out how many guests you can comfortably entertain based on the size of your venue.
  • If you have been planning a party for a long time, pick people from different parts of your life so that they can be surprised by meeting each other like school friends, past colleagues etc.
  • Inviting people close to you is obvious but still if you don’t wish to invite them hold them for the next party you host.
  • You can go out of your comfort zone inviting someone you have just met, but make sure that person is comfortable enough to engage with your friends and family.

You should strive to have no more than 100 people at your boat party so that everyone will have enough space to dance and have a good time.

4. Book a boat

Once your guest list is finalized and you have a realistic budget, you may proceed toward hiring a boat. Also, reserving a boat in advance can be quite beneficial for you.

Try out the market to get the best prices in Miami, as there are many options available. Pick the right boat as per your needs.

5. Choose decorations and attractive themes

You can plan a party without any theme, but adding a theme to your party will enable you to have great fun and joy. You can pick among the following themes below;

  • Pirates theme
  • Mermaid theme
  • Cruise theme
  • Titanic theme
  • Cultural theme
  • Karaoke theme
  • Hawaii theme
  • Summer fruit theme

Once you plan a theme, decoration becomes easy for you. Try to keep your decorations. You can do it by yourself or get connected with a boat party planner. For nighttime parties, use beautiful LED lights .

Also, inform you’ve invited guests if there will be a theme for this particular party.

6. Food Options

Deciding your menu can be a difficult task. Also, your menu is based on:

  • Your budget
  • Your guest structure

Mainly, any food menu includes starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks.

Some foods you can add to the Miami boat party are:

  • Snacks – Hot Dogs, Chicken WInks, Cuban Bread, Doughnut.
  • Food – Sandwiches, Stone crabs, Churrasco, Fried snapper.
  • Desserts – Key lime pie, Strawberry shortcake, Cuban coffee.
  • Drinks – Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Tequila, Juices and Sodas.

7. Book your Vendors

Most rental boats offer their own food packages, but if you want to hire any catering services, you can opt for this. If there is a buffet, attendees will be pleased to help themselves. If you are more concerned about your guests and need a higher standard of service, you can hire servers who will make sure all of your guests are taken care of.

8.Party Boat games and activities

Party Boat games and activities

Games and activities can add more fun to your party. Well, there are some indoor and outdoor games below to make your guests feel delighted:

🔶 Indoor Games to play at Miami Boat Party

(a). Never have I ever – This is an interesting game to learn the secrets of other people.

      • Gather players in a circle
      • Put the same amount of drink in each player’s cup.
      • Let the first player announce the thing they have never done
      • If others have done what the first player hasn’t done they are obligated to have a drink.
      • And the game goes on continuously with the next one.

(b).  Beer Pong – It’s easy to play.

      • Set up two teams.
      • Bring 20 plastic cups to the table and fill them 50% with any drink.
      • Now instruct both teams to place ping pong balls in the cups of the opposing team.
      • The team with the ping pong ball in their cup has to finish the drink.
      • The team that puts in more balls wins the match.

(c) Trivia Competition – This is a type of quiz competition.

      • Pick a host and divide the two teams.
      • The host will ask questions from each team
      • One candidate from each team can answer.
      • The team with the correct answer wins the battle.

(d) Charades –This is a classical game but can add great fun to your party

      • Pick two teams.
      • Write some phrases or words on slips of paper like movies, TV shows, book names, etc, and put them in a bowl.
      • Any member of the team will come forward to pick the chit and will act on the word.
      • Now the team will guess the word and if they are able to do that they will score a point
      • The team with the maximum guesses and score will be the winner.

🔶 Outdoor Games to play at Miami Boat Party

(a). Water Basketball – You can play this game inside a swimming pool. It is just the same as basketball

      • You can play this game inside a swimming pool. It is just the same as basketball
      • Pick a referee to handle the scores.
      • Set your basketball hoops.
      • Now both teams within a time limit have to throw the ball in the other team’s hoop.
      • The team that scores best wins the match.

(b).  Kayak Race – This requires you to have kayaking equipment. You can check with the person who has rented your boat about the availability of this equipment.

      • Select two or three members.
      • Decide the beginning and ending point.
      • Begin the race by blowing the whistle.
      • The one who comes first at the ending point is the winner.

(c) Water Scavenger Hunt – This game is going to be quite interesting. You can really feel like a pirate playing this game.

      • Decide two teams.
      • Make a list of 10-15 items to hide across the boat
      • Write clues for each object and hide them in connection to each
        other all over the boat.
      • Now the team who finds the object first becomes the winner.

9. Send a warm invitation to your guest

Sending an invitation does not take much effort for a boat party, as you can call them or use text messaging. There are also many digital options when it comes to invitations.

10. Don't forget all necessary things

The last thing you do after you plan everything is to keep aside all those things that can be important throughout the party. All boats must have standard safety equipment on board.

List of 10 necessary items to keep at boat party

(a). First Aid Kit
(b). Life Jackets
(c). Music Player
(d). Playing Equipments
(e). Emergency Repair items
(f). An anchor and rope
(g). Extra charger and power bank
(h). Extra Amount
(i). Windbreakers
(j). Water Accessories


Planning a boat party can be quite interesting and exciting if you follow these steps one by one and carefully. Go with the responsibilities if you can handle them, and if you are quite busy with your schedule and want your budget to be optimised, you can trust Miami Turn Up Entertainment.

Our Miami boat party packages cover food and drinks, along with unlimited mixed drinks and snacks for the 3-hour duration. Whatever your occasion, every member of Miami Turn Up Entertainment is at your disposal to help you plan the perfect celebration.

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