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Five of Miami's Best Hip Hop Nightclubs

Up until approximately 5 years ago Miami Beach was definitely not known for Hip Hop nightclubs & events. Recently Miami Beach has turned into a Haven for many hip-hop nightclubs, events and entertainment activities alike. The countless music videos shoots and Hip Hop song mentions of South Beach have created an interest and desire to visit Miami Beach as a vacation destination. 

Miami Turn Up Entertainment has been immersed in Miami nightlife for many years, allowing us to create opportunities for people to fully experience the best clubs Miami has to offer at an affordable price. As party professional, we know how frustrating it is to get hyped up for a night out on the town, only to arrive and stand in line for hours then pay expensive cover charges. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the best Miami Beach Hip Hop clubs to create the best all-inclusive party package deals. All of our packages are all-inclusive and come with a pre party including unlimited mixed drinks, a party bus ride to the club, guaranteed express entry with no prolong wait in line and without paying ever paying a separate cover charge at the door of the club.


Below we have composed a list some of the best Hip Hop music nightclubs in the Miami Beach area. You can click the links to view our available Hip Hop packages. 

  1. Club Cameo

Cameo nightclub is open on both Friday and Saturday nights depending on the time of year however Cameo is best known for their Saturday night Hip Hop party. Built in 1936, the Cameo theater which has undergone a complete makeover to become a legendary South Beaches nightclub features 2 levels, 4 bars and a massive private VIP section with private seating.