Top Miami Day Parties
Miami Day Party Guide

Top 5 Miami Day Parties

You don't have to wait until the sun goes down to party in Miami!

Day parties in Miami are appealing for many reasons. A night out in South Beach can be fun however many vacationers don't like the strict dress codes that are required. Unlike Miami nightclubs, day parties allow you to fit in a full day of partying and still get home in time for your 10:00PM bedtime 😜. 

Partygoers can take full advantage of one of Miami’s best quality: our glorious sunny days. Look, staying up till sunrise has its place every once in a while, however we just don’t have that in us more than a couple times a year. So if you’re feeling a little inspired for some day-time drinking shenanigans we have composed a list of some of the best Day parties in Miami. 

1. Miami Booze Cruise

Top on our list of the best day parties in Miami is the Miami booze cruise. What better way to enjoy a sunny day than to be on the vibrate coastline of Miami. Party with people from around the world on board an all-inclusive party boat.


2. Fontainebleau Miami Beach

These days, the historical Fontainebleau Miami Beach resort is probably best known for its on site nightclub called LIV. Non guests can access eight picturesque pools by purchasing a spa treatment or renting one of the many luxury daybed or cabanas. which can cost up to $1,000