LIV On Sunday

Step into the beloved Fontainebleau Miami Beach Resort and experience the #1 Sunday Hip-Hop party in the world know as LIV on Sunday.  Commonly referred to as church, this world-famous Hip Hop party has vacationers from around the globe flocking here each and every Sunday night. With weekly exclusive events it's no wonder why LIV on Sunday remains the hardest party to get into. Getting in is almost impossible without knowing the right people. If you're showing up with a celebrity, you may not have a problem, If not be prepared to stand in line with a crowd of hundreds of people for hours on end. 

The LIV on Sunday Cover Charge price starts at around $100 per person and goes up from there depending on celebrity appearances and special events. 


For more information and availability for this event, please text Miami Turn Up Entertainment at 305-923-6589. We hope to see you there!